Friday, April 25, 2008

Girls Bill of Rights Week!

Here in Indiana its spring time, the trees are in bloom, flowers sprouting, and there’s no warning of an impending blizzard. I was actually told that I can pack up my sweaters and jackets because I won’t need them again until October. Crazy… there are seasons here…

I finished my correspondence course yesterday meaning I officially have a minor in English to go with my two degrees, that is as long as I pass and the credits transfer in time for graduation. I’ll be back in Colorado for graduation weekend and I’m really excited to see my family and to walk after attending the last few graduations as a program distributor.

My most recent Americorps task has been to work on obtaining sponsorships for the Girls Bill of Rights Week Celebration. At the celebration girls are invited to our office to learn about the six rights that we believe are important for all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. So far so good, I had about 3 weeks to obtain 5 thousand dollars in sponsors, and I’m half way there with a week left. I have about a dozen cold calls to follow up on early next week so I think I’ll get there no problem.

We had a staff training a few days ago to discuss the rights and the advocacy statements that Girls Inc national has created over the years and I really enjoyed contrasting the current rights with the original bill of rights created in the 1940’s

Girls Bill of Rights 1945

  • An American Girls has the right to the pursuit of happiness
  • She has the right to wholesome companionship, constructive play, and group competition that she may acquire initiative, self reliance, courage, good sportsmanship and self-control.
  • She has the right to a healthy body and a well adjusted personality.
  • She has the right to know the outdoors.
  • She has the right to become familiarly with good literature, drama and music by direct contact with them.
  • She has the right, as an adolescent, to the companionship of boy her own age, under wholesome conditions.
  • She has the right to train for her future all important job of homemaking and motherhood.
  • She has the right to find somewhere in her community wise and understanding guidance by friendly adults, that she may learn to steer a safe course in a world of changing standards.
  • She has the right to all these things, not merely because she is a human being, but because… as mother of our future citizens… she will someday hold the most important and responsible job in the world.

Funny thing is, for that time period this was progressive…. The current bill of rights is located online. My next task is to start seeking sponsors for the girls science and math summer camp!

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