Monday, April 14, 2008

Chipping away....

For the last couple of days and the next two weeks my entire focus has flipped to obtaining five-thousand dollars worth of sponsors for an event in two weeks. I have 77 businesses outlined to approach so I think it should all work out, none the less I really really really hate cold calling people.

The weather is starting to get nice here and we've had a couple of amazing days where you could event sit out in the sun and feel warm. I have heard tell that besides the occasional rainstorm the winter is gone from Indy.

Last weekend I went with a group of friends to see a performance of the Earth Harp at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The Earth Harp consists of thick wires that can be strung from any length to use a building as part of the instrument. The way the harp was set up at the performance I attended had 45 feet from floor to ceiling of harp, placing the audience in the body of the instrument. I liked the harp but the performance left something to be desired. It was entitled "Unlocking the Mayan Code" and I think it fulfilled my culture quota for the next year.

There so many quirky things to do in the city here. So far I've been to the IMA and the flower conservatory and the next thing on my too do list is bar Kurt Vonnegut frequented and a tour of the enormous cemetery... maybe I'm morbid, lol.

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