Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer Camp

Girls Inc summer camp is well into its 6th week and today the girls at camp learned about economic literacy by opening their own businesses and competing to win the 'girl bucks' we were given to make purchases. The camp staff also had their own booths featuring the stock market (where you could buy stock in Mcdonalds and The Limited Too) and the bank (where interest compounded every 15 minutes).

With my ten 'bucks' I received a hand massage, a chocolate shake, candy, a fantastic pink bracelet, and got my nails painted with blue and with polk dots. Overall it was a great morning of shopping.

Seeing the summer camp girls puts a face on what Girls Inc is all about and I know that I will be sad when camp ends. I've been able to spend time visiting with the summer camp girls and recording their stories, a couple of them even give me hugs when I come down to visit. :) It's great to see how they are all so strong, smart and bold and hear all their opinions on wome'ns rights, school uniforms, the definition of beauty and their excellent marketing tactics.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Its real news

"The man in the iron mask has a counter part, if we may believe a characteristically French story which a Paris letter to the New York Times relates. It is, in brief, that a French Marquis who had an unfaithful wife, punished her by fitting over he head as an old helmet, which is securely held by a secret spring. All efforts to take it off have failed and she is fed with liquids through a tube. The steel of the helmet is so marvelously tempered that it turns the edge of every tool thus tried so far." January 4, 1881, Indy Star

I was looking up women's suffrage and this article was directly below the article I was searching for, yes its real news and in 1881 it was as important as the BrAngela Twins.