Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Move to TX

After a 13 hour drive Leo and I made it to Texas on Friday evening without much trouble, minus a couple of arguments with Worthington (the garmin) about some unnecessary departures from the highway.

Saturday the plan was to head over to the apt complex, view the apt, sign the lease, call the mover, and get unloaded. So after a delicious breakfast of texas shaped waffles we headed over to the complex I had thought looked the best.

There we met Amanda… Amanda is around 18 years old and did not strike me as a the most competent of leasing agents when she tried to have me sign the lease before showing us the apartment, but it just got better from there.

The apt looked ok… not really classy with beautiful manicured lawns but it was alright inside, has old brown cabinets and a fireplace that someone without interior decorating skills painted white. It didn’t look dirty or too bad and really I didn’t have many other options so we went back to the leasing office where I signed the lease. Amanda didn’t read through it like we were expecting her to and was over all unimpressive. We needed to get a money order to secure my first months rent so we were directed to a nearby gas station.

Since I couldn’t get a money order with my debit card we ended up over at my bank, when I discovered that Amanda, my new best friend, didn’t give me my id back so I couldn’t withdraw the money. At this point I was ready to pack it in and find a new apartment because after a 13 hour drive the very unprofessional leasing agent was the straw that broke the camels back.

Instead of going back to get my id we stopped at a much prettier apartment complex to see what their availability was. It looked like it would take a few days to get in and they couldn’t show me anything without my id, besides the fact that I had already signed the lease with dear Amanda and the movers would be showing up in an hour with my things.

So we retreated back to the original apartment, retrieved my id from Amanda, and returned to chase with my tail between my legs to get the money order. It tool Leo and I about a half an hour to get the things in my car unloaded and discover that while my new apartment appeared clean it was not all that clean after all and was probably maintained more than a little shoddily.

I called the movers, who apparently broke an axel and wouldn’t be getting into Arlington until after 10pm.

Needless to say this day was just getting better and better.

So we got some cleaning supplies, unpacked what we could, and set up the Wii for a little bit of Wonder woman verse Bat man boxing.

Around 11:30 Leo and I were both pretty tired and still hadn’t heard from the mover, who I called to discover he caught bad traffic and was not going to be there until 2 a.m.

So we ended up sleeping on the floor since my bed was with the mover with the one throw blanket I didn’t pack. The perfect end to a craptastic day right.

The mover arrived at 8am and we finally got everything unloaded in time to set up my bed and get Leo to the airport for his flight back to Indiana.

From there I thought I would just unpack and try and get things organized, which was what I did until nightfall and discovered my new roommates.


I have never seen a roach before… now I have seen… 6… and I am disgusted.

So I captured them and put them in a box and brought them to the leasing office, alive…. I hope Amanda enjoys them. The lady who was in the office told me she would put me on the pest list… which I’m not sure what that means so I’ve taken matters into my own hands.

Right now all the food is housed in tupperwear and there is pepper lining my shelves since roaches wont cross it. Once dinner is done cooking I’m gonna go to walmart and get some traps because these freeloaders won’t be staying much longer.

And the moral is… thank goodness I only have a six month lease.

Other then the apartment chaos TX is good and if anyone wants to come visit I am within a half an hour of six flags, Ripley’s believe it or not, madam Tussads wax museum, and IKEA. Plus it was 80 degrees today, wooo.

Also since I've finished VISTA I need to create a new blog and would love name suggestions.
Let me know what your thoughts are and I'll post a link to the new blog once I create it.

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Ashley said...

Boo for roaches!! I'm sorry your first day in TX was so craptastic. I do, however, find it hilarious that you gave them as a little gift to Amanda.

Texas-shaped waffles are awesome!!