Friday, January 16, 2009

Its negative 11... brrrr

I have less then one month to go before I'm done with my VISTA year and today is a day I'm very happy I'll be moving to a warmer climate.

The -11 today, was -3 yesterday and theres frost inside the windows of my car. To top it all off our heater, that has never heated the house about 55, is actually, literally and really broken. Needless to say I'm probably spending the long weekend crashed at someone elses house, someone who has heat.

All but one of the Speakers Bureau Participants will have given a speech by the end of the month and the last volunteer appreciation event is taking place on Feb 4th.

Its nice to have everything lined up and rolling for the rest of my year of service and know where I'm going when I'm done.

I was hired last month by Tri-Delta and I will be a part of the communications team beginning the first day in March. All I have left to do is find somewhere to live so if anyone knows anyone renting a room / needing a roomate in the Dallas - Fort Worth area let me know.

I'll miss Indianapolis, my new friends, the art museum, living in the same city as Leo and everything else I've found I love about being here, but right now an average temp of 50 in the winter, plus everything else, looks really promising.

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