Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Caffeine needed...

I used to think that sleep was completely overrated but after a couple of nights in a row of staying up late reading and a sudden neurotic fear of the street lamp across the street because it looks like its moving (in the morning I did realize that real cause was the tree in front of the lamp) I’ve noticed that maybe sleep would help me function like a contributing member of society.

I’ve been trying to put a power point presentation of the my projects to date together but am struggling to find the key points in the ten minute time limit. Ten whole minutes to sum up my 8 months of service, it’s really quite daunting to think about in this sleep deprived state.

In 2 hours I can take a nap before heading off to the library to hear the ‘Ghost Stories of Indianapolis’. Yup, that’s going to help with the street lamp issue.

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