Friday, September 19, 2008

The things people donate

If you have a box of old magazines lying around it seems like a great idea to 'spread the love' by donating them to your local children's serving organization. However, when you do donate these magazines, we have to record them in some way or another financially. The best way to do this is look at the original sale price and calculate the assumed depreciation value. This means that someone has to go through all three boxes and record that the original sale price in 1971 was 35 cents. I think you can do the rest of the math.

Usually magazine donations are tossed into the program room where at a later date they will be cut up and used to show how the media is influencing girls with sterotypes and images.

Thats right ladies... you can now crochet your own undergarments.

Whats hilarious about this box in particular is that due to the age, the stereotypes have changed a bit but they still hilarious. Like this guy... really? Eww... ok maybe hes a stereotype that's still around...

What I really want to know is who was this person who donated these magazines... a body builder/swimmer/mom/crocheter... etc... seriously the most eclectic assortment of magazines I've ever seen.
I really liked all the cigarette ads... from back before we knew that they killed people. These are all in one magazine.

Doesn't asprin cause Reyes Syndrome in children? Guess they didn't know yet.

Lets just say the magazine donation box was a learning experience... entertaining yet traumatic, but I did find a pretty cool hat pattern to crochet...

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