Monday, August 11, 2008

Six months

I'm halfway through my year of VISTA service and I can't believe how fast time has passed. It's starting to feel like all of my projects are beginning to take off and that I am building some real capacity at this point.

I had a meeting with the Speakers Lab at Butler University last week to plan out the speakers bureau training and I can't wait to see how it turns out. Right now its look like like the training will be broken into two sessions, morning and afternoon on a weekend and the girls participating will get the chance to have a campus tour and share coffee at the student union with 'real live' college students!

The next volunteer engagement event will take place sometime next month and is looking like it will be an international food demonstration. The first event was really successful and the focus group gave me some great ideas to build the rest of the on program so hopefully I'll be able to nail down a date later this week for the event.

Where did these classy photos come from you ask? Well last week was Girls Inc.'s big event, Touchstone! The theme was woman's right to vote and the summer camp girls rocked it! All the VISTAs got new fun polo's from the state office and we showed our Americorps pride in vibrant Red White and Blue. We even got to take some prom pictures with the balloons.

These were some of the amazing yard sign decorations Ashley designed! I have one in my office now!

Maddy at Check-In. Everyone got to make themselves a "Vote for me!" sticker as their name badge.

I worked voter registration, selling 'ballots' so guests could vote on the Girls Right they felt was most important. The right to have economic literacy won with a overwhelming results.

Summer camp ended on friday and you can already hear the silence echoing throughout the building without the girls. I'm going to miss being called Miss Amis' daughter (I don't know who started that rumour but it stuck), having my fortune told with playing cards, and mancala challenges, but I think I'll miss the hellos and hugs the girls gave once they got to know me most. Yeah for being strong, smart and bold!

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