Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Jet Engines

The bathroom here sounds like a jet engine. No joke. You flip on the light and you suddenly hear a sound reminiscent of a 747 headed for New York. From what I was told, no one has been sucked up yet....

I recently learned that if you are too busy to walk your taxes into H&R block you can do so virtually, in an online portal called second life. Traditionally second life allows you to create a virtual character that can interact with others in a "face-to-face" manner. So rather then scooping up your papers and heading off to the local supermarket you have the option of still having a tete-a-tete without ever kicking off your bunny slippers, however the amount of effort one must put into creating their virtual mini-me just might not be plausible for many tax payers.

What's interesting about this is that HR block is one of the first companies to really link themselves in with virtual social networking sites, boasting to have outlets on facebook, myspace, second life, twitter, high5 ect. That means that chance are HR block employs 50 or so people who do nothing but respond to 'friend requests' 'pokes' and other forms of virtual entertainment, not to mention the real time person who 'sits' in the second life 'island' answering any form of tax related questions your second life avatar may have.

Before you know it people will stop leaving their homes and create an entire virtual world that they live in. Your second life avatar can be as wild, beautiful, or professional as you want them to be, best of all no one has to know that the person operating the next 'Ms. Second Life' pageant winner avatar hasn't showered in three days and has all their food delivered to their back door from Kroger. (Ring Bell Once for Pizza, Twice for Groceries, Your Tip is Under the Mat) I just hope enough people have read Fahrenheit 495 to recognize what a frightening concept that is.

However, the nice thing is that there are probably no jet plane fans in the bathroom in the virtual world, if there is I would make sure that they actually suck people up.

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